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Meet The Heroes

Hiro Nakamura(Masi Oka)

First appearance: Genesis

Ability: Bends the space-time continuum to:
  • manipulate time
  • time travel
  • teleport
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Office worker
Parents: Kaito Nakamura (father)
Siblings: Kimiko Nakamura (older sister)

Niki Sanders(Ali Larter)

First appearance: Genesis
Ability: Superhuman strength
Real name: Nicole "Niki" Sanders
Aliases: Jessica
Gender: Female
Occupation: Former stripper; hired assassin (alternate personality)
Spouse: D.L. Hawkins (husband)
Parents: Hal Sanders (father)
unnamed mother
Paulette Hawkins (mother-in-law)
Children: Micah Sanders (son)
Siblings: Jessica Sanders (sister; deceased)

Micah Sanders(Noah Gray-Cabey)

First appearance: Genesis
Ability: Technopathy
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Parents Niki Sanders (mother), D.L. Hawkins (father)

D.L. Hawkins(Leonard Roberts)

First appearance: Hiros
Ability: Phasing
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Occupation: Escaped criminal and former construction worker.
Spouse: Niki Sanders (wife)
Parents: Paulette Hawkins (mother), Hal Sanders (father-in-law)
Children: Micah Sanders (son)

Peter Petrelli(Milo Ventimiglia)

First appearance: Genesis
Ability: Empathic power
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Occupation: Currently unemployed, former hospice nurse
Parents: Angela Petrelli (mother), Father (unnamed, deceased)
Siblings: Nathan Petrelli (older brother)
Relatives: Claire Bennet (niece), Simon Petrelli (nephew), Monty Petrelli (nephew), Heidi Petrelli (sister-in-law)

Nathan Petrelli(Adrian Pasdar)

First appearance: Genesis
Ability: Flight
Gender: Male
Occupation: U.S. Congressional candidate
Spouse: Heidi Petrelli (wife)
Meredith Gordon (uncertain relationship)
Parents: Angela Petrelli (mother)
Unnamed deceased father
Children: Claire Bennet (biological daughter)
Simon Petrelli (son)
Monty Petrelli (son)
Siblings: Peter Petrelli (younger brother)

Claire Bennet(Hayden Panettiere)

First appearance: Genesis
Ability :Healing factor
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Occupation: High School student
Adoptive parents:
Sandra Bennet
Mr. Bennet
Biological parents:
Meredith Gordon
Nathan Petrelli
Siblings: Lyle Bennet (younger adopted brother), Simon and Monty Petrelli (younger half-brothers)
Relatives: Peter Petrelli (uncle), Heidi Petrelli (stepmother), Angela Petrelli (grandmother)

Mohinder Suresh(Sendhil Ramamurthy)

First appearance: Genesis
Gender: Male
Occupation: Professor (India)
Taxi driver (New York / Uni Professor, USA)
Parents: Chandra Suresh (father, deceased); Unnamed mother
Siblings: Shanti Suresh (older sister, deceased)

Matt Parkman(Greg Grunberg)

First appearance: Don't Look Back
Ability: Telepathic Reception
Real name: Matthew Parkman
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Occupation: LAPD police officer Bodyguard
Spouse: Janice Parkman (wife)

Isaac Mendez(Santiago Cabrera)

First appearance: Genesis
Ability: Precognition, paints the future
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: Artist

Simone Deveaux (Tawny Cypress)

First appearance: Genesis
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Occupation: Art dealer
Parents: Charles Deveaux

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